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The FIP Multinational Needs Assessment (MNAP) and Surveillance programme

FIP GPO has a remit to effectively and efficiently collate and validate global data on pharmacy workforce and practice, and pharmaceutical science. Workstreams predominately deliver on FIP Development Goal 12 (Pharmacy intelligence). The FIP GPO programmes provide a framework for data-driven, evidence-led projects related to our member organisations and FIP priorities. The programme projects are tailored to meet the specific needs of FIP member organisations while aligning with broader regional and global health objectives of FIP.

1. The first set of projects (needs assessment) has a focus on evaluating FIP members’ needs by assessing challenges and areas for development within the scope of pharmacy practice, science, education, and workforce development. By identifying these key areas, FIP can direct resources and projects towards addressing these needs effectively. The projects are most often framed within the context of the FIP Development Goals.

2. The surveillance projects focus on the systematic collection, analysis and interpretation of pharmacy-related data. This is important for the monitoring and understanding of the evolving trends and advancements in key areas of practice, education, and workforce. Through surveillance, FIP offers its members access to valuable data visualisations and interactive tools facilitated by the FIP Atlas, impact database, and development goals indicators.

By establishing and monitoring needs across nations and members and feeding into regional and global needs assessment, The FIP GPO’s remit aligns with its vision to become a comprehensive and respected source of data and intelligence for the pharmacy workforce, pharmacy practice, and pharmaceutical science worldwide.