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Welcome to FIP’s Impact Database

About the FIP Impact Database

FIP celebrated its centenary in 2012, marking 100 years of advancing pharmacy worldwide. Since then, FIP has produced a wealth of outputs and publications that reflect its vision, mission, and values.

The FIP Impact Database collates, summarises, categorises, and provides access to a complete range of outputs that support the Federation and its members’ vision and mission.

The FIP Impact Database also includes the main work areas, innovations, and best practices of FIP member organisations over the past decade that have contributed to the advancement of pharmaceutical global health through influencing practice, education, and policy.

Vision: To serve as a strategic resource for evidence-based summaries to be used for advocacy and ensuring FIP’s influence in shaping global health policies and promoting the integration of pharmacists in healthcare delivery systems.

The target audience includes pharmacists, leaders, policymakers, researchers, and members of FIP.

As we move into the next stages of development, FIP plans to expand the scope of the database by incorporating a wider range of publications that have impacted global policy formation. The FIP Impact Database is a living resource, evolving with each update to better serve our members. ​ 

This database is currently in its testing phase, providing an opportunity for members to explore its features and provide feedback. Your insights are important for enhancing its functionality and user experience. Please click here to share your feedback and suggestions for improvement.

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How to use the FIP Impact Database

Click here to download the handbook, which provides definitions and descriptions of the coding frameworks and terminologies used in the Impact Database. This includes themes, publication clusters, FIP development goals, and FIP programmes.

Below is a short video tutorial that will guide you step by step through using the FIP Impact Database.

Access the FIP Impact Database


Stay tuned for our series of infographics, flyers, and visual content focused on key trends in pharmacy practice and workforce transformation.


We wish to extend our sincere gratitude for the contributions made by the following individuals to this version of the Impact Database:

Dr Catherine Duggan, FIP CEO
Prof Ian Bates, GPO Director
Ms Farah Aqqad and Ms Nisa Masyitah, Impact Database Project Delivery Leads
Ms Grace Adebayo and Ms Omolayo Awolola, FIP-GPO Interns
Dr Sherly Meilianti, Impact Database Project Advisor
Ms Lin-Nam Wang, for providing communications support
Ms Daria van Beek and Ms Hala Fathima, for marketing support and design efforts